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Top Reasons To Consider Switching To A Maintenance Free Automotive Battery


Every car owner is keen to get the best out of their vehicle, and one will need to find the best parts to achieve this goal. A battery is an essential component for the car considering that one relies on the battery to start the vehicle. In modern times, one no longer needs to purchase distilled water to refill the battery. One also doesn’t have to worry about their car battery dying at the hour of need. The modern technology has produced maintenance free batteries that one can use to avoid the hassle that came with the old technology. The old car batteries usually contained the dangerous sulfuric acid which can cause burns or damage to other parts in the case of a spill accident. In the case of the new maintenance free batteries, they will be completely sealed when one purchases them. When you are looking for a ready to go cell, consider buying a maintenance free battery for your car.


The maintenance-free batteries have been built differently from the old lead-acid batteries that have been in use form more than a century. The lead-acid battery contains an electrolyte that is a mixture of distilled water and sulfuric acid required to facilitate the movement of the ions. One will have to keep adding the acid and water to ensure that the battery functions correctly. Be sure to click here for more details!


On the other hand, the maintenance-free battery will help you avoid the trouble of adding acid and water. The terminals of this battery are made of lead and calcium, and this means that the terminals can provide better resistance to heat and also help avoid cases of overcharge current. The fact that this battery is sealed, except for a small vent, means that there is an insignificant loss of water, and there is no need for one to keep refilling it as is the case of lead-acid batteries.  Get more info.


One of the benefits of using the maintenance free batteries is the fact that they have a longer lifespan. The battery has a lower self-discharge rate, and this helps keep the battery functioning over a long period. The batteries are also known to help start your car faster, even in areas with cold temperatures, compared to the lead-acid batteries. You will save the time, cash and effort that you would have used to maintain a lead-acid battery by adding water or fighting corrosion from the acid. Check out this website at for more info about battery.

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